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" Consists of 2 VPN Servers with 4 advantages "

High Speed

High security

Unlimited bandwidth

VIP service

We provide servers with a stable speed compared to other free VPN providers. So is the bandwidth capacity that we provide. The majority of free VPN providers only provide bandwidth of 500MB not to mention the restrictions that you cannot do such as for streaming and accessing certain websites. Of course for those of you who are accustomed to using paid VPNs do not believe that the VPN account that we provide with the best choice and server configuration is the same as the quality provided by the paid VPN, maybe we are even more. If still in doubt, it never hurts to try to create an account on one of the VPN servers that we provide..

Port 1723 | Unlimited Bandwidth | Support for online game | 5 Days limit

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  • Limit : 80 users

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  • Limit : 80 users

We provide the best VPN servers from 3 continents in the world that you can use with unlimited bandwidth.
The server on this list can only be used for the PPTP VPN protocol.

Read this before you choose a VPN server...

Asia Server

Europe Server

America Server

The VPN server that we provide uses a VPN protocol that is very easy to use, PPTP (point to point tunneling protocol). Why did we choose this protocol? Many articles explain that the use of this protocol is no longer safe, the protocol that is too old, has not used the latest data encryption. yes whatever they say. but in reality with a number of surveys and observations that we did, there were still many PPTP VPN protocol users. Yes, that was before, this protocol is very easy to use, suitable for all devices, does not require complex configuration, no files need to be downloaded before you use VPN. Because on all devices whether it's PC / Desktop, laptop, or Android using any OS like Windows 10, 7, GNU / Linux, IOS, and Android this protocol has been set on your device. You don't believe, please prove it.

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