How To Use PPTP VPN On GNU/Linux

"How to use Android - Windows - GNU/Linux"

First Step

Select connection information

VPN windows
Second Step

Show a pop up then click add

VPN windows
Third step

After clicking add in the second step a connection type option will appear and choose PPTP protocol (point to point tunneling protocol)

VPN windows
Fourth step

After you make sure you choose the PPTP protocol then click the create button

VPN windows
Fifth step

In the connection name column, type the gateway column contents with the following ip address or hostname with the username and password that you have got when creating an account. Then click the advanced button

VPN windows
Sixth step

Make sure you have checked the options according to the image below. Then click Ok and click save.

VPN windows
Seventh step

Select the VPN Connection menu and make sure there is a VPN connection name that you created earlier then click

VPN windows
Eighth step

Make sure you have seen a notification like the picture below that you are connected to a VPN

VPN windows