How To Use PPTP VPN On Windows

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First Step

Select the menu open network and internet settings on your laptop or desktop

VPN windows
Second Step

Select the network and internet menu according to the picture below

VPN windows
Third step

Select the VPN menu. In accordance with the picture below

VPN windows
Fourth step

Click or select the add a vpn connection menu (which has a + symbol)

VPN windows
Fifth step

Type the connection name with type Server name with the IP address or hostname you know when creating an account. Select VPN type on the PPTP protocol. Then type the username and password that you have created and click save

VPN windows
Sixth step

After you have done the fifth step, VPN Connection will appear with the name then you click and click the connect button

VPN windows
Seventh step

After you click connect on the sixth step. Note the writing under as shown below. If you already have Connected written, it means that you are connected using VPN

VPN windows