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About listvpn.net

Providing VPN Servers from countries that are on the Continent of Asia, Europe and America. VPN Server using the PPTP protocol (Point to point tunneling protocol). Free VPN services while still prioritizing user privacy without seeing or utilizing user data for our personal or interests. We provide this service considering there are still many internet users who do not know what VPN is (virtual private network) or just call it for users who only find out how to open a website blocked by their government. That's why we use the PPTP protocol on our VPN server. Because PPTP is a protocol that is very easy to use, without configuration and the most important PPTP protocol has been set up on laptops, desktops and androids as well as high speeds compared to other VPN protocols. So by providing services, we hope that every internet user has no more barriers for them to access information that exists throughout the world while still prioritizing data security when surfing the internet.


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  • PPTP Port 1 7 2 3
  • Method 128-bits encryption


  • L2TP Port 1 7 0 1
  • Method 256-bit encryption


  • MTPROTO Port 3 0 0 8
  • Method SHA-256