Term Of Service

"The Best Free Premium PPTP & L2TP VPN"

By using this PPTP VPN service, we enforce the rules for each account so that it is not used for illegal and criminal actions in accordance with the provisions and regulations of each country using our PPTP VPN account. So for this you agree not to do this below:

  1. Illegal acts related to legal violations, abusive, fraudlent, including criminal activities but not limited to cracking or hacking, credit card fraud, credit card use, financial fraud, phishing or activities other types with the benefits of our PPTP VPN account.
  2. Do not do a denial of service (DOS) or Distributed Denial of service (DDOS) in order to support criminal actions or prevent other customers from using our PPTP VPN service
  3. Does not violate any copyrights related to images, videos and text using our PPTP VPN account
  4. Do not use our PPTP VPN if our services are prohibited in your country. If you continue to use, we are not responsible for the risks that arise in the future.
  5. No Torrent