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Location Server

We currently have 17 server locations in countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and the Ocean. We will always grow and increase the number of other server locations in the country. 17 The server location that we currently have is the best choice data center server with a stable speed.

Every time we add a server in a certain country, we always do some research and experiments with several data center server providers in that country. For certain country locations we sometimes provide 2 or more servers with different data centers in the same country. With that we hope you feel the maximum service from us. Following below are the services we provide:

List Server

We provide free server for by pass with pptp vpn, l2tp/IPsec vpn, ikev vpn, outline vpn and mtprotoproxy for telegram

About Us

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Providing VPN Servers from countries that are on the Continent of Asia, Europe and America. VPN Server using the PPTP protocol (Point to point tunneling protocol). Free VPN services while still prioritizing user privacy without seeing or utilizing user data for our personal or interests.... Read more