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Virtual Private Network

What is VPN ?

VPN (virtual private network) is a service that is useful for maintaining your privacy when surfing the internet. When you use your VPN it is like passing a special tunnel or road without someone knowing your identity

Why use VPN ?

Digital crime increases with the development of technology. One of them is data theft when accessing the internet by irresponsible parties. Some ISPs and countries restrict internet users in their countries. These two things are the reason why we have to use VPN

What if you don't use VPN ?

very dangerous and risky if you do internet access without protection and privacy. Moreover, using a WiFi network that is open to the public. Data theft is very easy to do. Unable to access multiple sites and platforms that are blocked by ISPs and local authorities

They can't see your IP

When using a VPN your device will first connect to the VPN server, then the VPN server will forward requests to the website address that you want to visit (will create tunnels for your internet access). That way your IP address won't be seen. Because your device's IP address has been replaced by the VPN server's IP address.

Data security

The data will be encrypted by the VPN server when heading to the DNS address on request from your device. For that your data will be safe. Because when someone tries to steal your data, even if he gets it. He will not be able to decipher the data that has been created by the VPN server.

Access all websites

When you use a VPN server in a particular country. It is as if you are in that country while doing internet activities. For this reason, ISP (Internet service provider) or governments in your country cannot block the ip address of your device when accessing a website blocked by an ISP or government in your country.

Not broadcasting visitor data

When you connect with one of our VPN servers. You definitely think that we can see your ip address and data when surfing the internet. But we don't do that or take a peek at your internet activities especially using your data. You can prove it. If we do that, please leave us.

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