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  2. Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol is the oldest VPN protocol. This protocol was created by Microsoft. This protocol is very easy to use on all devices, both Android, Windows and GNU / Linux. This protocol has a fairly high speed compared to other VPN protocols. this is because the encryption method is used. For this reason, the PPTP VPN protocol is still popular among internet users. Especially users who are new to VPN whose main reason is because it is very easy to use and quite safe to use when accessing the internet.

  3. L2TP VPN
  4. This L2TP / IPsec protocol is a PPTP protocol combination with the VPN protocol developed by Cisco. With this combination, it is certain that the data encryption process that runs on the L2TP VPN protocol is higher than using the PPTP VPN protocol. For speed, this protocol also has a fairly high speed. While in terms of use, this protocol is not so difficult to use. Because the use of this protocol is almost the same as the use of the PPTP protocol, there is only an IPsec shared key that we must input on our device if we want to connect using the L2TP VPN protocol.

  5. MTproto-proxy Telegram
  6. When using VPN your device will first connect to the VPN server, then the VPN server will forward the request for the website address you want to go to. That way your IP address will not be visible. Because the IP address of your device has been replaced by the IP address of the VPN server.

The VPN server that we provide uses a VPN protocol that is very easy to use, PPTP (point to point tunneling protocol). Why did we choose this protocol? Many articles explain that the use of this protocol is no longer safe, the protocol that is too old, has not used the latest data encryption. yes whatever they say. but in reality with a number of surveys and observations that we did, there were still many PPTP VPN protocol users. Yes, that was before, this protocol is very easy to use, suitable for all devices, does not require complex configuration, no files need to be downloaded before you use VPN. Because on all devices whether it's PC / Desktop, laptop, or Android using any OS like Windows 10, 7, GNU / Linux, IOS, and Android this protocol has been set on your device. You don't believe, please prove it.