Ikev2 or Strongswan VPN is one of the older VPN protocols. However, this VPN protocol has higher security and data encryption than PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) VPN and L2TP/IPsec (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) VPN. The Ikev2 VPN that we provide is equipped with openssl to increase security and speed in accessing the internet. This ikev2 or strongswan vpn is also accessible on all devices. Especially for android and iphone running strongswan vpn must with this application. You can see the official source for this strongswan vpn here

They can't see your IP

Data security

Access all websites

Not broadcasting visitor data

How vpn works ?

In a simple VPN (virtual private network) in the user perspective can be interpreted services that can provide security and privacy that cannot be seen (anonymously) by outside parties when you are connected to the internet by connecting through what is called a VPN server.

Benefit of using vpn ?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a connection from one network to another network that is connected privately via the internet. Called a Virtual Network, because this network system uses the internet as a direct link. Meanwhile, for the Private Network it is privacy.

Tips for choosing VPN server ?

Some VPN providers (paid VPN and free VPN) provide high VPN server specifications and configurations. For example, the VPN provider provides a VPN server with a speed of 55mbps. It will not be useful and you will not be able to feel the speed of the VPN server if your internet connection speed is only 10mbps.

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